After my Code Pub talk, I wish to deepen the discussion about digital accessibility. Which steps to take, how to use small changes for fewer barriers and not risk any lawsuits.
Look forward for some posts, that might appear in the next few weeks and months.

  • Digital Accessibility- Barriers and the affected
    As a starter, I like to ask my audience whom of them is affected by digital barriers. Bad eyesight? Dyslexia? Red-green-blindness? But this is just a fraction of conditions that affect the usage of the internet. Microsoft barrier matrix There are different areas of perception where restrictions may occur. Vision, touch, hearing, and speak. And
  • Digital Accessibility – A Workshop
    Barrierefreiheit ist eine wichtige und ursprüngliche Anforderung an das Internet und alle Seiten und Anwendungen, die in ihm zur Verfügung stehen. An der Umsetzung de
  • Customization for my Angular Application
    On my journey to accessibility for web, apps, and everything, I decided to build a feature into my app, to make the appearance fully customizable for the user.
  • Digital Accessibility: Colors
    Low color contrast is by the time the most common failure of digital accessibility. But it’s very easy to fix that.