My posts concerning programming will follow my private projects I do in the evenings. Currently that’s app development with Flutter, but there will follow Angular, SVGs, animation and a huge project with REST, Java and graphics…

  • Achievements for Apps
    Achievements motivate users to use apps. For the full experience, here are four types of achievements to use.
  • Angular – User Accounts with Firebase Rest API
    My preferred handling of user accounts consists of an anonymous usage that can be upgraded to online storage of data.
  • Angular – Welcome to the dark mode
    When implementing the dark mode for an angular project, there are several possibilities after detecting the users preference.
  • Dark Mode
    By today the dark mode is widely known and used. But there are pitfalls in implementation and misbeliefs about its benefits.
  • Web Forms – Tests
    To adequately test a web form, the first step is a test plan. Consider the different ways to interact with the form.
  • Web Forms – Design
    Manche Webanwendungen kommen nicht um mehr oder weniger umfangreiche Formulare herum. Hier gilt das richtige Vorgehen, angefangen beim durchdachten Design.
  • My Flutter Flight – Welcome to the Dark Mode
    Browser, Desktop and mobile App – they all bend under the device’ dark mode. Some users want to have a last veto within a switch.
  • My Flame Game – Ultimate background image
    I want my game to be playable in landscape AND portrait mode. And this is how I choose to do it.
  • My Flutter-Flight – “What’s new” Messages
    For first time users and after an update, I want to display information to my users. A tutorial or release notes.
  • My Flutter-Flight – Update your App
    This is for me to remember how to update my app for all the flutter platforms… and for those who are interested.
  • My Flutter-Flight – Localization
    It’s never too early to include localization into your app. No matter how multilingual you are.
  • My Flutter Flight – Tab Navigation
    My first step for most projects is a rough sketch – followed by instantiating all the needed screens and their navigation.